AMA Cuba confesses Jesus Christ as the only Savior and Sovereign Lord and is fully committed to the Word of God and its teaching set forth in the historic Reformed standards and Ecumenical Creeds. 



We began with a missions trip taken by Rev. Raul Bermudez to Havana, Cuba in 2011. That trip lead to many other trips, all along the island, were we ministered along side Cuban pastors, equipped church leaders, and engaged in evangelism. In partnership with U.S. churches we continue to serve the Cuban Church by extending the love of God, equipping church leaders and enriching resources for the glory of God. 

The pastors and leaders of the Cuban churches were eager to learn and deepen their understanding of ministry. It was a joy to minister in Cuba.
— Rev. Joshua Burdette, Christ Presbyterian Church

Our historic reformed standards & Ecumenical creeds